Non-Binary Transition Workshop, Part 1: What is Gender?

Part 1 of Non-Binary Workshop is Online

For four years in a row I’ve presented a version of this workshop at several transgender conferences. At this year’s Gender Odyssey, I recorded a voiceover of my Non-Binary Transition presentation along with the slides, plus snippets of video of me pontificating at the podium.

Finally, it’s now available online for everyone to view, read, listen, and share!



At least, Part 1 is available… Since the workshop is 90 minutes long, I broke it up into 3 parts, and will be releasing the remaining two parts over the next few weeks.

Each part has a YouTube video featuring slides and my awkward yet enthusiastic voice talking over them, with a few cheap-o fade-outs badly edited in. There is also a public google document containing slides with speaker notes, for those who prefer to read.


This specific workshop was tailored for providers, which means it’s perfect to share with your doctor or therapist or family member.

So stay tuned for the rest of the workshop.

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6 thoughts on “Non-Binary Transition Workshop, Part 1: What is Gender?

  1. Hi Micah!

    Message from an AFAB gender fluid person (mostly in between the two main genders or outside them all but sometimes man) here. I feel the need to transition. But I do not want to go the conventional way i.e. pass as man, as I’m not a trans man. Yet everyone seems to be encouraging me to go that way, be it health professionals, trans men and women and even the few examples of post-transition non-binary people I know from real life. But even though it feels preferable to not transitioning at all, it doesn’t feel like me. And I have no one to ask.
    What are my options? What questions should I ask myself? How to reply to people (family?) who may not understand transitioning if you don’t go to the “opposite” presentation? What should I be aware of?


    1. Just be aware of what makes you happy, try to tune out what everyone else tells you so you can follow that path. Take a look at some of my previous blog posts, and the community of bloggers who comment here.

      I think all 3 parts of this workshop will provide a guide for you and those in your life to some of these questions, stay tuned.

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