Fashion Friday

Thanksgiving was last week here in the US. Since it was low key this year at my household I didn’t bother dressing up; instead, I dressed up this week! All part of the plan to feature myself for #Fashion Friday.

“Honey, are you taking pictures of me again? I’m not amused.” I coax my girlfriend into being the photographer, then she likes it too much.


My favorite part of the outfit is my new bright light blue sweater from American Eagle. Most times, dressy sweaters dont’ fit me: mens’ XS are too big, and boys’ have cheesy graphics or scratchy fabric. So when I tried this one on out of curiosity, I had to get it. Notice the sleeves are only rolled up once, and they are quite thin so you can barely tell.

This sweater is special not only because it’s a miraculous find (and I wear it a few times a week), but because I bought this the day I celebrated my legal name and gender change. It looks good and feels good to wear it.


“What’s that over there?” Here I am scratching my head. Photo shoots are hard.

Then some simple AE jeans, dark wash original straight low rise (I always buy low rise, otherwise my “crotch” area hangs like an odd diaper. I also always buy on sale.) I am now slender enough to fit into a 28×28, which means I only have to roll them about 2 inches instead of 8.

Dark wash jeans are versatile for looking more dressed up, and give you more length if you are short like me. They also hide your hips/curves better. Most people don’t realize things in dark wash jeans are chunkier than they appear…. err, most people don’t realize I am not as slim as I look, and that all comes from choosing the right clothes.


“What’s over here?” There I am looking at the floor

The colorful plaid button-up is courtesy of H&M (Boys of course) size 12-13Y, which means my torso is the size of an average 10 year old. They go up to 13-14 and 14+ and I’d get one size up next time because these nice cottony stretchy shirts shrink fast (doesn’t hurt that I’m bulking up some). Usually I dislike button-ups, but this material feels like a t-shirt yet doesn’t look it, so it’s very comfy.


Accessories are important. This is an orange-face watch with white band, which you can get as interchangeable parts from Fossil. It took me a few years to courageously buy the huge men’s watch face, which really is just HUGE. But it never fails to get compliments. I only own one watch and replace it every 3 or 4 years, so it better be a good one.

The watch is orange, the wristband is white, or supposed to be.


The shoes are the same ones as last time (told you I wore them every day) with the addition of Hickies instead of laces. I’ve since switched back to laces.

Every. Day. I love these shoes.

The Action Shot

“I’m so tired and it’s late, can you just make me look good?”

13 thoughts on “Fashion Friday

    1. haha, indeed! I actually have a side-by-side picture, the resemblance is uncanny, except for the red hair. (and that I’m wearing the same sweater kind of helps too!)

      1. But… Tin Tin is always great! ^_^
        Never heard of Hickies, must try and see if they’re available in Amsterdam…

  1. I have the same jeans! My legs are long enough that I don’t have to cuff them (mine are 29×30) but they do have that cool blue stitching on the inside that sometimes makes me want to.

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