Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday

My friend Zak from Art of Transliness asked me to do a Fashion Friday post for their new weekly series. Well, if there’s anything I like more than buying clothes is talking about the clothes I buy, so I was very excited to do this!

For my first #FashionFriday post, I decided to showcase one of my favorite outfits. It’s super simple, comfortable, casual yet a little dressy, and my favorite – bright. This is what I wear when I want to look and feel great without the extra effort.


Starting at the top  is an American Eagle bright light blue t-shirt [$16 or 2x$25]. As an XS I can only wear the short sleeved t-shirts at AE, because everything else is too big, but at least these t-shirts are awesome.

 I like this shirt because it gives my chest a nice shape without clinging to it – and kinda shows off my pecs. (As an aside, this type of shirt was also my favorite when binding because of this). And not to mention the color is enough of a highlight for the entire outfit. Here I must confess I own the same shirt in five different but equally bright colors :P.


The pants are Levi’s 510 Super Skinny Black, for boys, size 20, which means 30×30, and I hemmed them up a good 3-4 inches with a tailor [price tag says $50 but Macy’s Boys always has discounts, I’m sure I got them for no more than $30].

Now, I now what you’re thinking – I could never pull off Super Skinny jeans. Well, I thought the same thing, until I went out of my comfort zone and tried them on… WOW! Granted, I think it’s about finding the right pair of skinny jeans, because like everyone else I am extremely self conscious of my hips and heftier middle, but these make me feel like a Rockstar.


This light-blue-dark-blue reversible belt was the only one of its kind left at The Gap, so it’s a bit long, but oh-so-cool (and was obviously on sale). Plus it matches my shirt. (I have a running joke that I like to match my shirt, belt, socks, and boxers, but I’ll trust you can imagine the rest).


The final touch is the shoes. I had been looking for a pair of casual “dressy” shoes – a change from my usual yet colorful sneakers – but lo’ and behold, they don’t make casually dressy shoes for Boys. Until I found this magical pair from Quiksilver. I snatched them up immediately [surprised to learn they were also on sale for $25].

There has been no looking back – I wear these almost every day. Not to mention they immediately up the ante on any outfit, as they are super comfortable and look good with pretty much everything.


Since it is San Francisco, you need to layer. So to wrap up, I have my everyday light jacket from H&M Boys (it’s like this one, but lighter… oh wait you can find it on ebay here). It’s cotton-ish material on the outside, yet it’s waterproof, and inside is super soft fleece. As a bonus you get a zippered side pocket and – what I’ve always wanted – lycra half-glove sleeves with the thumb hole. Other than being extra fashionable, H&M Boys is extra cheap, yet very durable and well fitting clothes. It’s by far my favorite place to shop.

As you can see, there’s a lot of details that go into making this outfit simple and amazing.

If you have any questions about any of the pieces in this outfit, send me a message! If you would like to participate in Art of Transliness’ weekly Fashion Friday post, message them!

5 thoughts on “Fashion Friday

  1. do you have weekday in the US ? they dont even have labels for w/m in their stores. and i love tjeir clothes

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