Intro to Testosterone HRT

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Intro to Testosterone HRT

Tips for Trans Men

 Contributor: Maddox


The primary effects of Testosterone have been detailed in countless blogs and articles, including mine. Browsing Tumblr or YouTube you will come across personal stories as people chronicle their journey on their first weeks, months, and years on T. Here’s a brief recap, just in case.


Effects of T

It’s important to remember that there are two types of changes: irreversible, and reversible. The permanent changes will remain even after going off T, and include voice drop, facial and body hair, genital growth, and male-pattern baldness. The non-permanent changes revert once testosterone intake is ceasesd, and among these are acne, oily and coarser skin, menstruation, body odor, and muscle-fat re-distribution namely in the hips, stomachs and thighs, and muscle gain.

So that’s the medical part. What a lot of articles fail to mention is that testosterone, like any hormone, has wide ranging…

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