Lazy Sunday

Just a short update, to make it an even seven. Slept a very long overdue long nap today, enjoying my last day before going home (tomorrow) and starting work again (on Tuesday, from home). I’m also watching the Oscars, which I haven’t done since I left for college like six years ago… no seven years (gasp!)

Here’s today picture, and some commentary. I took a long look in the mirror today. Overall I’m extremely pleased with the results. The contour is amazing, not pancake flat but no excess sagginess anywhere, and you can see… is that, are those, dare I say, pecs? Thanks, I’ve been working out (sans the ripped abs). Honestly it’s a much better chest than most bio-males I know.

I'm starting to look like an AE boxer ad....

3 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday

  1. Damn, looking good! I’m super jealous. And yes, I agree–your chest looks so much better than any bio-male chest I’ve seen.

  2. As a fellow asexual I have to ask what went into your decision to keep your nipples. (Feel free to decline such a nosy question.) I will definitely get rid of mine because they are useless and annoying. I’m hoping it will also cost less surgically.

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