Top Surgery: 3 years

Another year, another milestone. For archival, informational, nostalgic purposes, go back to my 2 Year mark, and my progress after the 1st Year. If you’re new here, check out the top surgery tag for more posts. Scars My scars are fading, ever so slowly. I get angry at them sometimes, for not behaving, like everyone else’s. I haven’t had any additional treatments after the injections and laser, … Continue reading Top Surgery: 3 years

Top Surgery: 2 Years Post-op

It’s been a year since I put up pictures of my chest for the world to see. And it’s hard to believe that it’s been only 2 years since there was anything else there. Hypertrophic Scar Treatment I get a lot of questions about the scars. While most people’s scars turn a pinkish-white after 2 years, mine still look as if I’m fresh out of … Continue reading Top Surgery: 2 Years Post-op


5 Things I Wish I Knew Last Year

Hormones are gradual. That I would actually take hormones was a surprise in itself, since for the longest time I was absolutely convinced that I would never ever do that. But also, internalizing the fact that you don’t take a shot of testosterone and wake up with a full grown beard and hunky chest hair helped me put aside my irrational fears and focus on … Continue reading 5 Things I Wish I Knew Last Year

Questions about Top Surgery

Everything you ever wanted to know about top surgery… …but were afraid to ask (or tried to ask about but didn’t get an answer). For all the personal accounts and youtube channels out there, I still found it hard, frequently impossible, to find answers to all of my questions regarding top surgery before I had it three and a half years ago. There’s more information … Continue reading Questions about Top Surgery


Goodbye 2012, and what a year it was. The things I accomplished in 2012 go way beyond anything I ever intended or imagined. (The only reason 2011 has a leg up is because I had top surgery at the beginning of that year, and that is still the biggest milestone in my life.) Let’s do a quick recap. Started, then stopped, then started, then stopped … Continue reading 2012

Top Surgery: Tips and Advice

Some Pre, During, Post Surgery Advice I Wish I Had Most of the emails I get from readers are about top surgery, specifically the process of getting it, how to go about it when you’re non-binary identified, (be it neutrois, genderqueer, agender, female, or unsure), how to look for the right surgeon, working through internal commotion as to whether getting surgery is the right step … Continue reading Top Surgery: Tips and Advice

Reader Ramblings: SOFFAs (not couches)

My boyfriend is transgender, and he is currently planning to wait on T but wants to go ahead with top surgery. It was cool to see this blog because I only know two other transpeople and they both insisted that you need to be on T before top surgery. You seem so positive, and it’s refreshing to hear this. Many people talk about transitioning as … Continue reading Reader Ramblings: SOFFAs (not couches)

Top Surgery: 1 Year Post-Op Follow-Up and Mini-FAQ

After posting pictures about my 1 Year Milestone, I got lots of questions spanning a variety of topics. I figured it’d be more useful if you can find them all in one place, at least the ones relating to top surgery. Here goes. How do I go about getting top surgery? Do your research. I also wrote about the process of getting top surgery a … Continue reading Top Surgery: 1 Year Post-Op Follow-Up and Mini-FAQ